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Is it possible for the entirety of the ACC coastal division to finish 6-6 (4-4, 3-3)? Oh yes, it very much is...

Try to imagine a world of unending mediocrity...a world with such overwhelming parity that there are no champions, no losers, no leaders, or no front-runners. You might be saying: "Yes Pierce, I am familiar with the ACC Coastal Division" and to that I would say: "I'm glad you see where this is going, but let me finish."

I do not mean to describe the reality that is weakest division in the weakest Power 5 conference, but rather a more perfect outcome of the 2015 season. The evil geniuses over at r/cfb have developed a possible - nay plausible - plan for every single team in the division to finish 6-6 overall, 4-4 in conference games, and 3-3 in the division:

Coastal Doom

Beautiful, isn't it?

Now, first and foremost, I am absolutely rooting for UVa to win every game this season. That's the best case scenario and, as Homer would say, completely unpossible. However, while the above scenario is certainly unlikely (I mean, come on, we're clearly going to beat Miami again), it's not it should be.

That's the abject horror of this situation! Absolutely this could realistically happen! I'm gleefully hoping it does - though, certainly I'll be happier were UVa to finish with a better record...but wouldn't most of us be happy with 6-6 at this point? Why not burn down the whole conference with mediocrity while we're at it? #LetsDoOurPart #MustSeeACC