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To Homer and Back - 9/3/15 - UCLA Recap with Fox's Joe Davis and Notre Dame Preview

Streaking the Lawn's official podcast: To Homer and Back. This week, STL bloggers are joined by Fox Sport's Joe Davis, who called the UVA/UCLA match up in the Rose Bowl. Joe provides some great analysis of the Hoos' performance, game plan, and what to look for in the team in the coming weeks. The STL also previews this week's game against the Fighting Irish.

The STL podcast crew is back with another episode of To Homer and Back! This week, Pierce, Matt, Brian, and Caroline are joined by Joe Davis of Fox Sports! The group discuss the Wahoos' loss to UCLA, reflecting on Josh Rosen's playmaking, UVa's lack of adjustments, and what the Virginia fan base can be encouraged by in the team's performance. The STL crew also breaks down the HELMET CONTROVERSY and throw out their thoughts about this week's opponent: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Do the Hoos have a chance? Will they force their first turnover of the year? Where's the best place to "research" college football?

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Got some opinions to share? Are you one of the old people out there that didn't like the helmets on Saturday? Leave some comments! Most importantly: COME TO OUR TAILGATE THIS WEEKEND.