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Another video of Beer Chugging Goalie surfaces

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Instagram Still

Earlier today, we shared with you the Instagram video of Beer Chugging Goalie, the sophomore Virginia Club Hockey goalie out of Stratham, NH, who was ejected from a recent hockey game after chugging a beer on the ice.

That video, posted by Barstool Sports, described Beer Chugging Goalie as pounding a beer that was tossed to him by a fan. Presumably, it was to celebrate that he had just posted two shutout periods heading into the third.

We just stumbled across (during our evening searches of fun UVA videos) a new video that shows Beer Chugging Goalie from another angle -- the perspective of the fans who had passed him the beer.

Unfortunately, Beer Chugging Goalie wouldn't able to put up a full shutout game, as he was promptly ejected with a five-minute major penalty.

I have thoughts.

1. It would appear that he's chugging a Keystone Light. When has Keystone Light ever been a thing at Virginia? As best I can tell, we've always been a Natty Light University? Kids these days.

2. Hopefully there are no long-term repercussions on this, because, speaking of "kids these days," these are just kids, right? Succumbing to peer pressure and having a drink while you're being an absolute beast on the ice seems to be a completely respectable position to take.

3. He's a sophomore goalie. I hope he's of age.

Everybody's played a little broomball on the ice with a brew or two in them, right? That's a thing?