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Another video of Beer Chugging Goalie surfaces

Instagram Still

Earlier today, we shared with you the Instagram video of Beer Chugging Goalie, the sophomore Virginia Club Hockey goalie out of Stratham, NH, who was ejected from a recent hockey game after chugging a beer on the ice.

That video, posted by Barstool Sports, described Beer Chugging Goalie as pounding a beer that was tossed to him by a fan. Presumably, it was to celebrate that he had just posted two shutout periods heading into the third.

We just stumbled across (during our evening searches of fun UVA videos) a new video that shows Beer Chugging Goalie from another angle -- the perspective of the fans who had passed him the beer.

Unfortunately, Beer Chugging Goalie wouldn't able to put up a full shutout game, as he was promptly ejected with a five-minute major penalty.

I have thoughts.

1. It would appear that he's chugging a Keystone Light. When has Keystone Light ever been a thing at Virginia? As best I can tell, we've always been a Natty Light University? Kids these days.

2. Hopefully there are no long-term repercussions on this, because, speaking of "kids these days," these are just kids, right? Succumbing to peer pressure and having a drink while you're being an absolute beast on the ice seems to be a completely respectable position to take.

3. He's a sophomore goalie. I hope he's of age.

Everybody's played a little broomball on the ice with a brew or two in them, right? That's a thing?