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The ACC in Week 4: The Land of Mediocrity

Ah yes, the ACC. Where up is down, dogs marry cats, Duke is bad and then they're good, and Louisville is 1-3. UVa's conference homies spent week 4 all over the place, as some beat weaker opponents, some lost to weaker opponents, and there was only one conference match up.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

By week 4, you should generally start to see conferences take shape. In classic ACC form (especially for the Coastal), this week the ACC took shape in the way it usually does: nothing makes sense, most teams are bad, but good enough to win some games, but not all of the games against teams they should beat, but sometimes beating teams they shouldn't beat, wait I don't get it, head hurts.

Regardless of the confusion, despite being embarrassed on national TV Friday night, UVa still sits with a blank conference record. Meaning, as the other ACC members start to collect wins and losses, UVa's potential (however unlikely) bowl standing and division standing are effected. The more likely other Coastal members go 4-4 in conference, the fewer ACC wins UVa will need to contend for the championship.

GT 20 - Duke 34

While the Blue Devils didn't get much from their QB Thomas Sirk, they did get 3 TDs from RB Shaq Powell, upsetting the Yellow Jackets in Durham. After starting the season scoring a million points against lesser opponents, Georgia Tech has lost two straight games and no longer looks like the ACC Coastal favorite.

LSU 34 - Cuse 24

The most impressive performance in the conference this week actually came in a loss. While Leonard Fournette got his 200+ yards again, I don't think many NFL teams could prevent him from getting such. Syracuse hung in the game with a superior performance, despite relying on their third-string QB, Zach Mahoney, who threw for four scores.

UD 14 - UNC 41

Continuing with the season-long conference-wide theme of awesome backup QBs, Mitch Trubisky took over half way for the Heels and threw for four second half TDs in the drubbing of the visiting Blue Hens. On the bright side, Delaware's running back is named Thomas Jefferson and good ol' TJ had 2 touchdowns on the day.

IU 31 - Wake 24

Indiana is undefeated! How is this possible? Well they're 4-0 against the following teams: Southern Illinois (who they beat by a point), Florida Int'l, Western Kentucky (3 point win), and Wake Forest (a power 5 road game!). Indiana is a bad football team but 2 wins from playing in a bowl game without having played a conference game. WHAT A CRAZY WAY OF APPROACHING SCHEDULING.

NIU 14 - BC 17

Speaking of meh-level winning-record teams, Boston College is 3-1 after their close win over the Huskies. Plus, they have a Flutie again! Another ACC backup QB made his first start of the year, as Troy Flutie (nephew of Doug) threw one TD pass in the game.

VT 28 - ECU 35

Yes, I know UVa got embarrassed. Yes, I know we haven't beat VT in 12 years. I don't care, delicious Hokie tears still make me happy. ECU went all #ACCTopTier strategy on VT - throwing a backup QB to run roughshod over the visitors yesterday. James Summers accounted for 3 scores in the game, two of which were rushing. Even if we're bad, I still get joy from VT being bad and no one can take that from me.

Samford 3 - Louisville 45

Louisville got its FIRST win of the year by beating some guy named Samford on Saturday. Way to go, Cardinals. Lamar Jackson accounted for three total scores in the win, as Samford isn't very good at defending a whole football team by himself, apparently. At least he got a field goal out of it. You go, Samford.

NCSU 63 - South Alabama 13

The Wolfpack had a nice little trip down to Mobile and stayed undefeated on the year. Their rushing attack is no joke, as Matthew Dayes continued his strong start to the year with three more scores, including a 77 yard run. I don't believe UVa will be playing the Wolfpack this year, which is a very good thing.