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Virginia new football helmets received mixed reviews

The Virginia Cavaliers revealed brand new, never-before-seen helmets last weekend against the UCLA Bruins. The lids featured a chrome orange at the bottom that faded into white at the top, with silver, metallic v-sabres over all of it. It was also paired with what appeared to be chrome orange face masks as well.

The fan reaction was somewhat mixed. Some people absolutely loved them, while others found them near-repulsive. According to some on Twitter, it came off too reddish on the television. Our own Facebook page was littered with hot takes on the new helmets, including (all comments are sic):

  • Thats that BULLSHIT Nike crap !!!!!!!!
  • Helmets & uniforms don't win games, players do. Go Hoos
  • Still better than the Terps helmet.
  • They're bad. Oh and so are the helmets.

Recruits, though, seemed to love it:

Virginia captain and fullback Vince Croce had one of the best reactions, as captured by the Daily Progress's Andrew Rampsacher.

You can flip through a few close-ups at the top of this article. What did you guys think of the new helmets?