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Snowfall Pushing Back Big Recruiting Weekend

The big recruiting weekend that many football fans have been looking forward to will have to be pushed back a week due to the impending snowfall.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

While we don't have any news about Saturday's basketball game against Syracuse, we know that the upcoming snowstorm has already affected at least one piece of the Virginia athletics department.

Football had long scheduled a big recruiting weekend for the fourth weekend of the new year with many commits and recruits traveling to Charlottesville for their official visits. According to Jamie Oakes of 24/7, the UVa football staff has pushed back the visits a week because of the snowfall that is predicted for the Charlottesville area.

Many of the recruits were going to be coming from out of town, with numerous flying in from places as far away as Florida, the coaching staff did not want to risk the safety of the recruits and their families in getting to Charlottesville.

It's unclear as to just how much snowfall the area is going to get, but recent reports are calling for up to two feet of snow which would clearly effect more than just air travel.

Because many recruits have been planning on coming to Charlottesville this weekend for quite awhile, it is unclear how this could affect recruiting if those same recruits had already scheduled visits for next weekend. Stay tuned as STL's recruiting guru, Drew Goodman will keep you updated just how this will affect UVa's upcoming recruiting class just two weeks from signing day.