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Did London Perrantes get fouled at the end of the Virginia Cavaliers loss to the Virginia Tech Hokies?

On the final play of Virginia's 70-68 loss at Virginia Tech, London Perrantes got the ball down by two points, took it to the basket, and didn't receive a call from the officials despite lots of body contact.

To preempt a few comments: I know Virginia played a poor game in many areas, while the Hokies outplayed them. There were other reasons why the Hoos lost. And, as a top-5 team, UVA should have played better for the first 39 minutes, and not left anything up to the refs.

Still, was London fouled? Probably. Here's a look:

First, and most interestingly, Devin Wilson (#11) looked to mistakenly attempt to give a foul around the three-point line. Seth Allen had just missed a free-throw that would have put VT up by 3 (and made intentionally fouling a legitimate strategy). Wilson appears to have had a brain fart, rushing across the court to grab Perrantes and shoving him from behind a bit as he runs by. (Tony Bennett's argument after the play looks to have centered around this issue, as he pointed at the spot on the floor where Wilson and Perrantes met). Wilson's lucky that the refs weren't expecting him to try this; if the Hokies were up by 3, they'd be anticipating an intentional foul and would have likely called it.

Next, Perrantes heads to the rim, where he meets Shane Henry (#0). Henry plays pretty good defense here. He arrives a split second late, but jumps straight up. There was some lower body contact and he brings his arms down a bit, but this is not a foul.  He does a decent job of meeting the principal of verticality.  (Though refs may sometimes blow the whistle on this type of play, Wahoo fans would rightfully be furious if the situation were reversed.)

However, Zach DeLay (#32) comes flying in late, jumping into Perrantes and bringing his arms down over London's arms and upper body. Though DeLay may not have arrived until late in Perrantes's jump, it's what ultimately prevents him from getting a shot off at all.  The video isn't definitive, but it looks like a missed foul call to me.

What say you guys? I call fouls on Wilson and DeLay. Time for OT!