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2016-17 Virginia Basketball Player Profiles: Jarred Reuter returns to build on first year campaign

What will the big man bring to the lineup this season?

NCAA Basketball: California at Virginia
Reuter carried the Hoos against Cal with 11 points.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in our player profiles as we count down the days til basketball season is second year Jarred Reuter. A native of Marion, Massachusetts, Reuter played in 26 games last season for the Hoos, averaging 4.7 minutes of playing time per game. In all, he shot 48% from the field and an impressive 80% from the line (although the sample size was small).

Billed as a bruiser down low (he was one of six players to foul out of a game last year), Reuter contributed quality minutes throughout the season. No performance was bigger or better than his 16-minute, 11 point, two rebound performance against Cal. The Hoos were STRUGGLING (they shot 18%) in the first half, and Reuter single-handedly kept the game within striking distance until his teammates could regain their touch. Seven of his 11 points came in the first half, and he shot 3-for-4 from the field and 5-for-6 from the free throw line in the eventual overtime win.

Coach Bennett was impressed with his performance, to say the least.

“I thought Jarred [Reuter] gave us a great lift. Here’s a guy who hasn’t played much – we used him today and he was solid tonight.”

Reuter was the lone first year that saw minutes last season (Mamadi Diakite redshirted), and the experience he gained from even limited game time will be very beneficial to the Hoos this season. Both Anthony Gill and Mike Tobey have graduated and moved on (quiet sobbing), but Austin Nichols (Memphis transfer) and Diakite will both be eligible this season (raucous celebration).

It will be interesting to see how Coach Bennett uses bench depth this year. As far as big men go, Nichols and Isaiah Wilkins should get the nod to start, then you have Diakite, Jack Salt, Reuter, and first year Jay Huff in reserve.

In all, Reuter had a solid first year with the Hoos. He wasn’t asked to do too much, but contributed in several ways. Defensively, he didn’t have particularly quick feet and is what you would call a “foul-machine”, but those trends have shown to diminish as players continue through the Tony Bennett defense machine.

The Stats:

Position: Forward

Height: 6-7

Weight: 243

Twitter: @JarredReuter22

Random Skill: BMX Champion