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2016-17 Virginia Basketball Player Profiles: Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones’s time with the Hoos is coming to a close...can he finish on a high note?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Raleigh Practice
His last year with the Hoos will hopefully be all smiles.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Twenty-four days until the gloriousness that is Virginia Basketball returns to our lives. Today, we will take a look at walk-on fourth year Jeff Jones.

Jones, from Charlottesville (and the son of the former UVA head coach of the same name), is one of two Cavaliers set to graduate after this season (the other being London Perrantes). He has played in 30 games over his first three years, averaging 1.7 minutes per game.

A member of the “Green Machine” - as Coach Bennett calls it - Jones is critical to the preparation of the team day in and day out. Hopefully this season, games will be far enough in hand again that Jones and his Green Machine compatriots get a chance to build up some minutes.

An extremely high standard has been set for Jones, however, by former fellow walk-ons Thomas Rogers and Caid Kirven. Both Rogers and Kirven before him have blown the roof off of John Paul Jones Arena during their Senior Night games. Although Jones is 0-for-5 so far in his career from three-point land, there seems to be some sort of magic at JPJ.

Rogers, against Syracuse (9:15 mark)...

...and Kirven against Louisville (5:55 mark):

You’ll notice that not only is Jeff Jones on the court for both shots, but an emphatic celebrator.

The Stats:

Position: Forward

Height: 6-6

Weight: 213

Instagram: jrjones16

Team Best: Celebrations

I'm embarrassed to admit this but they aren't even prescription

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Did you hear the news? Geezy got an Instagram! Make his day and go follow him @anthonygill.13

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@caidkirven and @dthomp_15 swore they were looking good

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The BIG COUNTDOWN will continue as we look at the Pack Line defense tomorrow!