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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Louisville Complete Preview

Lamar Jackson and Co. roll into Charlottesville

Very early in the year, it became apparent that Louisville was a very good team. In particular, the electrifying play of the Cardinal’s quarterback Lamar Jackson took over highlight reels and Sportscenter Top 10 Plays. Virginia fans circled this game on the calendar and now it’s here.

The fifth-ranked Cardinals will come into Charlottesville this Saturday to face off against the 2-5 Cavaliers. The Hoos will be virtually playing with nothing to lose, which might alleviate some of the expectations in squaring off against such a high ranking team. Coming off a pretty lackluster game, Kurt Benkert needs to get things going again.

Maybe, just maybe, the Hoos can pull off the biggest upset this college football season. We can hope, right? This week in The Column, we breakdown UVA’s past encounters with Top 5 opponents. We answer some important questions like “What’s your favorite Halloween candy?” Let’s break it down in THE COLUMN: