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Virginia Basketball Roundtable: UVA’s starting five (plus one) lineup

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The STL staff discusses who they think will start, and who will come off the bench.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Butler vs Virginia
Will Devon Hall get the nod as a starter this season?
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Two weeks remain until the 2016-17 Virginia Basketball season tips-off, but we don’t have a lot of answers on how minutes will be divvied up after the departure of Malcolm Brogdon, Anthony Gill, Mike Tobey, and Evan Nolte. So, we asked the Streaking the Lawn Staff: who do you think will be the starting five (plus one) for the 2016-2017 season?

Pierce: I'm going to go out on a limb and say Perrantes...

...with Nichols, Wilkins, Guy, Shayok joining. Could definitely see Hall or Thompson at the wings as well, but I think Guy's talent and Shayok's production give them the nod. If that's the case - Hall's the 6th man for sure.

Tiki: Three obvious starters are Perrantes, Wilkins and Nichols. The wings are a bit less obvious. Seems like Shayok and Hall are the most likely candidates. But they are similar players, so you wonder if Thompson starts alongside Hall/Shayok. The 6th man would be the out-man of those 3 wings.

I think there's a good chance that Guy is starting by the time ACC play rolls around. But against Greensboro, I'm betting he's not ready defensively.

Pierce: Who needs defense when you have a SICK MAN BUN?

[editor’s note: fair point]

Hobeck: Perrantes, Thompson, Shayok, Wilkins, and Nichols would be my guess with Hall and Guy coming off the bench first

Tiki: Thompson looked good shooting the ball in the scrimmage. But, that's a scrimmage. If he isn't consistently knocking down the three, I can't see him starting. Hall and Shayok are both, frankly, better players than Thompson.

Caroline: I agree with Tiki. I think you will clearly see Perrantes, Wilkins, and Nichols...and then Hall and Shayok. I see Guy first off the bench for wings. I do think that Guy could earn a starting spot by later in the season. He looked sharp during the scrimmage (as did Thompson). As far as big men off of the bench, who do you think is first up?

Hobeck: Assuming Salt has gotten away from his tendency to commit fouls, probably him

Tiki: I think it may be Diakite. But it may depend on who is coming off the floor as well as who we're playing. Like, I'm not sure you can have Wilkins and Diakite on the floor together against a team with any real size.

Pierce: If all of the bigs have the same level of progression - in that, one doesn't show a larger jump than the others - there's definitely a chance Reuter factors into the rotation often. From all accounts, it could very well be Diakite though.

None of the three would surprise me - and I bet that's a big part of the early-season lineup experimentation

Ellis: We're not gonna play five bigs. Between Nichols, Wilkins, Reuter, Diakite, and Salt someone is going to end up being the odd man out. I'm going with Salt.

Caroline: You mean six bigs. Don't forget Huff.

Tiki: But I agree with Pierce, that it's gonna be fluid over the first month of the season as Tony figures out his rotation.

I'm still hoping Huff redshirts.

Ellis: I agree. I have no doubt that Huff is good, but given our depth and his need to bulk a bit, I'd be really surprised if he didn't redshirt

Tiki: It's just a matter of bodies. There's arguably 13 guys deserving of minutes. We know that isn't going to happen. Why waste a year of Huff's eligibility on garbage time minutes.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jerome shirt also, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

Brian 3: I think Jerome's role depends on where Hall lands in the pecking order.

Caroline: I go back and forth on Jerome redshirting due to the fact that I think getting minutes running the point this season will go a long way next season when London is gone (quietly starts sobbing) and he's the man.

Tiki: I agree, but don't forget Thompson and Hall could also play some PG next year if Jerome needs to grow into it.

Well, I guess we will all get answers in a couple weeks. Until then, leave a comment below with your starting five (plus one!) and let us know who you think it will be.