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The Best of Halloween Trick or Treating on the Lawn

The cutest kids of the evening. You’re welcome.

Katie Pierce, UVA ‘19

It’s one of the best times of year to be on the Lawn, because all of the mini-Hoos are gathering in their most adorable costumes, which means get ready for all the D’AWWWWWWs.

But since this is a sports media site, we have to first make this sports related, so here are a bunch of Virginia student-athletes getting ready to hand out some candy and wishing everyone a happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the trick-or-treaters on the Lawn!

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Another cute costume at TOTOTL #uvaphotocontest

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Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn was two hours of pure joy #uvaphotocontest

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No idea what’s happening in this one but yep, I’ll get on board with it.

Trick-or-treat on the Lawn

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Hodor! . . . . . #halloween #happyhalloween #got #gameofthrones

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Happy Hoo-loween!

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Halloween fun with the fam! Peep me and the homies at the end

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This sweet chicken LOVED being on the Lawn!

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️ 姐姐姿势有点扭曲,别怕哈小Harry

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Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!!! #ttol

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