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Week 6 Vegas Odds: Hurricane Matthew Edition

I don’t know how the weather will affect ACC games this weekend, but it ain’t looking good.

News: Hurricane Matthew The News-Press-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the southeast United States is on high alert this weekend with the impending arrival of Hurricane Matthew. In trying times like these, however, it’s important to keep a sense of normalcy wherever we can. So here’s your weekly snarky look at the ACC slate.

#3 Clemson is a 17-point favorite on the road at Boston College

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Clemson is coming off a massive win against Louisville. The Tigers seem ripe for a letdown against the not-quite-as-good Eagles. Let’s not forget that the Red Sox are in the playoffs, meaning that Alumni Stadium will be quieter than the library at Virginia Tech. The Tigers will pull away late for a cover. Potential Matthew impact: Minimal.

NC State is a 2.5-point favorite at home against Notre Dame

NC State walloped Wake Forest last week and placed a big egg on this writer’s face in the process. I still don’t think the Wuffies are for real. Then again, Notre Dame lost to a Duke team that got absolutely pummeled by Virginia. I think the Domers have more talent, and talent has to count for something eventually. If there’s any team that the good Lord will protect during a hurricane, it’s Notre Dame. I’m taking the Irish to cover on the road. Potential Matthew impact: The seas will part for the Irish.

Pitt is a 6-point favorite at home against Georgia Tech

The Panthers are two last-minute losses away from being undefeated. The Yellow Jackets don’t look like they’re good enough to beat any elite teams this season. Pitt’s calling card is its defense, and I can see Pat Narduzzi’s squad being ready for the Tech option attack. I’m not sure how Pitt will concentrate on the task at hand, however, with next week’s showdown in Scott Stadium looming. I’m taking Georgia Tech to cover, but it pains me to so. Potential Matthew impact: Pittsburgh is so far from the Atlantic Coast that it makes the question ridiculous.

#17 North Carolina is a 1.5-point favorite at home against #25 Virginia Tech

The Heels could also be due for a letdown after their emotional win over Florida State last week. Tech has looked exceptional against weak competition, and dreadful against elite competition. I look for the weather to scare away UNC’s football “fans.” Tech folks, for their copious faults, tend to be sturdier. I’m taking the Hokies to cover in an ugly affair. Potential Matthew impact: Enough to make Roy Williams say “daggumit.”

Duke is a 6-point favorite at home against Army

Has anyone talked to Duke quarterback Daniel Jones this week? Is that dude okay? Has anyone bought him an ice cream cone or anything to help him get over the hit that Jordan Mack put on him last week? Here’s how it looked, in case you haven’t watched it 100 times like we all have.

Army is better than it’s getting credit for with this spread, and I think Army’s players will hold up better in this weather than a bunch of kids from New Jersey. I like the Black Knights to cover. Potential Matthew impact: There will be 9K fans at this one.

Wake Forest is a 2.5-point favorite at home against Syracuse

Wake Forest…SMH. I put all my chips on the Deacons last week and they let me down. Now they have to figure out a way to stop Syracuse and quarterback Eric Dungy. I like what I’ve seen so far from the Orange offense, and Wake might be ripe for the picking after getting drubbed by NC State. Still, I think the Deacs have turned the corner under coach Clawson. And a team that plays its home games in a dome will not enjoy Saturday’s forecast. I like the Deacs to cover at home. Potential Matthew impact: there will be 8K fans at this one.

#10 Miami is a 3-point favorite at home against #23 Florida State

I think Miami is overrated at #10, but the Canes look legitimately better than they have in years past. I’ll be interested to see if Florida State unravels after last week’s loss to UNC. The Noles are out of the Atlantic Division title chase and will be playing for pride this week. I’m not sure what impact the Hurricane will have on this game. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the game postponed. I’m fairly certain that someone will miss a field goal to win whenever this game gets played. I’m taking the Noles to cover somehow. Potential Matthew impact: Say a prayer for the good folks of South Florida.