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Virginia triggers Pack Line Pledge in win over St Francis Brooklyn

The Hoos are now 2-for-2 on Pack Line Pledge opportunities.

For the second game in a row, the Virginia Cavaliers triggered a Pack Line Pledge game by holding St. Francis Brooklyn to under 55 in their 72-32 win over the Terriers.

For those of you who don’t remember, for ever Pack Line Pledge game -- that is, for every game that the Cavaliers hold their opponents to under 55 — Pack Line Pledge participants will donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation in honor of Yeardley Love. The better the Hoos’ defense over the course of the year, the more money gets donated towards raising awareness of relationship violence.

You can use the little CrowdRise widget to make your donation, which is tax deductible as the money goes straight to the One Love Foundation. In case you missed the pledge form, here it is below.

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Big thanks to the following readers for making their pledges!

Display Name Pledge Amount
Brian Leung $20
The Milvaney Family $25
STLEdge $5
UVaKareBear $10
The Kerr Family $25
Steve Gaines $15
Paula $5
Brian Wohlert $15
AdamR $5
Sean P $10
Tiki $20
jrh2my $5
Dan $9
The_Superhoo $15
culpeppe $5
NCHoo $5
chihoo $10
jerseyhoo $10
rcahearn $10
Ryan B. $10
Mike O $15
Allen $10
Andrew $10
T.T. $8
Ryan Reese $5
ItHadToBeHoo $5
BriHoo13 $5
Adam Kalkstein $5
OutOfStateHoo $5
brianljordan $5
jpdurk $10
cavann49 $5
Rodell $10
AMS $5
NCHoo $10
wahoomaniac $3
Rodell T $15
Trc013 $10
Paul Wiley $10
Ush $15
Rob Thurmond $10
cavann49 $5
Brendan Davies $10
Evan Sweet $5
WTR3s $5