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ACC Tournament: How to get tickets in Virginia section

Donate a lot of money, then go back in time and donate a lot of money over the past couple decades.

NCAA Basketball: East Carolina at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York from March 7 through March 11, the weekend before the NCAA Tournament.

Virginia has approximately 700 tickets as part of its donor allotment — this is fewer than if the tournament were held in Greensboro, as a result of the Barclays Center seating just 18,000 compared to the Greensboro Coliseum seating over 23,000. According to the University, each school was allotted an equal number of tickets.

Though the Hoos have consistently performed in the upper echelon of the conference, the school’s seats — which are set on a rotational basis with the rest of the conference — are still not among the most desirable. Virginia’s allotment is tucked away in the corner, in Sections 4, 6, 106, 107, a portion of 205 and the majority of 206. The seating map is below, and the 3-D version can be found here.

So how do you get tickets within the Virginia allotment? The Virginia Athletics Foundation is giving access to these tickets purely based on donor status, which all but guarantees that the younger donors won’t even sniff an opportunity to purchase.

From January 3, 2017 through January 13, 2017, the VAF will allow the top 300 ranked donors (based on 2016 priority points) to request Men’s Basketball ACC Tournament tickets. If tickets remain after this first wave, a second wave will be offered beginning January 16. The VAF will work its way down the priority points chain until no more tickets are available.

An all-session lower level book costs $598, while an upper level book will set you back $398.

The maximum number of tickets you can request will depend on your giving level. Those who give an annual gift between $100 - $6,199, if even offered the opportunity, can request a maximum of two. Those who give an annual gift of $6,200 - $22,599 can request up to four; $22,600 - $28,874 up to six; and anything over that, you can request up to eight books.

If you’re interested in staying at the team hotel, there will be a limited number of rooms booked there as well. More information on that process will be released on January 3, 2017.