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Virginia’s Kyle Guy has produced some eye-popping offensive stats in limited minutes

Guy is already one of the most impressive freshmen in the country.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, Virginia Cavaliers freshman Kyle Guy led the Cavaliers with 17 points in the 56-52 victory over Cal. The much heralded shooting guard has provided an important scoring lift for the Hoos off the bench. His career high of 20 points came against Grambling State when he hit 5 of 6 three pointers in less than 13 minutes of playing time. Here are some of the other eye popping stats the former Mr. Indiana Basketball has had so far in just 11 games:

  • Currently tied for 3rd in the country in three point shooting % at 60%, and is the only freshman in the top 15.
  • The only player in the country shooting 53% or higher from 2 point range and 60% or higher from 3 (with at least 30 attempts of each).
  • Already in the top ten in UVA freshman points per game (since '94) despite only playing 17 minutes a game.
  • One of only three players in the country to score 100+ points while committing 3 or fewer turnovers. The other 2 are seniors.
  • Leads the country in offensive rating among players with at least 150 minutes played.

ACC competition starts next week, and Virginia could use some help offensively. However, until the defensive side of Guy’s game catches up -- or at least approaches — his offensive prowess, Coach Tony Bennett will have a hard time feeding Guy some extra playing time (he hasn’t played more than 29 minutes in a single game).