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ACC basketball standings: North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh all play in games affecting Virginia's tournament seeding

Chances for top seed slim for Cavaliers

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

As good as Saturday was for the Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball program, Monday night was not so much. On top of a tough, close loss to a team neck and neck with the Hoos in the conference standing, UVa saw one of its top big men go down with a concussion. As of this afternoon, Wilkins's status for North Carolina is still uncertain.

To put it briefly, Monday night was ...

But the basketball world goes on, with three big games in the ACC on Wednesday night.

North Carolina at NC State - 8 PM, ACC Network

The Heels are now well in control of their path to a regular season title, having dispatched (handily) their closest foe, Miami. KenPom pegs this as a 68% win probability for UNC. While the Heels won't be able to clinch for a few days yet, a Wolfpack win would keep the Hoos much more alive. Hopefully Gottfried's boys can take some of the legs out from under UNC before they trek north. Go overtime, but go Pack.

Pittsburgh vs. Louisville - 8 PM, ACC Network

Pitt is a solid two games back of the Hoos, but more distance never hurts. Given that Virginia has the chance to beat Louisville twice, and Louisville's end-of-season standings will be considered in tiebreaking scenarios, Cardinals wins are good for Virginia (so long as they don't come at Virginia's expense). Go Cardinals.

Notre Dame at Wake Forest - 9 PM, RSN

This one is tricky. Yes, Notre Dame is right on the Hoos' heels in the standings. But Virginia owns the head-to-head tiebreaker with Notre Dame and would benefit from the Irish being considered in multi-team tiebreakers. The extra Irish loss is probably more important at this point. Go Deacs.