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ACC basketball standings: Florida State and Duke square off in game with big implications for Virginia

Wednesday's results didn't help the Hoos. Will Thursday's?

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

We wanted three things to happen last night: North Carolina to lose to NC State. Notre Dame to fall at Wake Forest. And Louisville to knock off Pitt.

One outta three ain't bad.

Only Louisville came through for the Hoos, knocking Pitt out of any contention for the top of the conference standings and adding strength to the Cardinals' own standings—a boon for Virginia in tie-breaker scenarios.

Thursday's games aren't as numerous, but the desired outcome is both more important and more clear-cut than those in Wednesday's games.

Duke vs. Florida State - 7 PM, ESPN

Duke is still one win behind the Cavaliers, with nine. But KenPom projects the Dookies to win out, which would put them at 13 wins and a 3-1 record against the other top teams in the league. No other team could match that 3-1 mark, which would break the multi-way tie in the Blue Devils' favor.

Virginia wants Duke losses to come at every opportunity these next few weeks. It's a tall order to ask of Florida State, as they're a ten-point road dog. Hope for Florida State's length, athleticism, and aggression to drive at Duke's thin lineup. Without a doubt: Go Noles.