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OPINION UPDATE: ACC issues response to Grayson Allen tripping incident against Florida State

League statement ignores identical incident against Louisville

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Remember this morning, when I predicted the ACC would do a whole whopping lot of nothing about Duke star Grayson Allen intentionally tripping two opponents in one month? How the spineless ACC (or lacking in other parts of its anatomy) would either turn its head or issue a milquetoast response?

Boy did they live down to that. The full text of the release is below. But the long and short is this: Despite repeated deliberate action that posed grave harm of serious injury to other athletes, Grayson Allen is not going to miss one second of playing time.

The next time someone tells you Mike Krzyzewski is a man of integrity, bring this up. Or Allen's leg whip of Malcolm Brogdon. Or Justise Winslow's twist of Justin Anderson's knees. Or Christian Laettner stomping in Aminu Timberlake's chest.

There's effort, and there's tough, and there's heart. The way Duke has played for more than twenty years exhibits none of that. It is the height of cowardice and arrogance, and apparently the Atlantic Coast Conference can't get enough of it. They are dirty, plain and simple.

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, two decades is a trend. And that trend points singularly to the supposed leader at the helm. This crap ought to be at least as much a part of Coach K's legacy as wins or titles. Because by not stopping it—forcefully, immediately, and without question—he has encouraged it.

ACC Reprimands Duke's Grayson Allen
Reprimand Follows Thursday night's Florida State at Duke Game

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( - The Atlantic Coast Conference announced today that it has issued a reprimand to Duke's Grayson Allen following Thursday night's Florida State at Duke men's basketball game.

The reprimand was issued following the review of the game by the league office, and is based on Allen's involvement in the tripping of Florida State's Xavier Rathan-Mayes at the end of the game.

The ACC considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.