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Malcolm Brogdon and the Hoos Outlast the Tar Heels 79-74

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In one of the hardest fought games in recent memory the Cavaliers were able to outlast the visiting Tar Heels, 79-74.

UVa got off to a hot start in the first half. In large part, this was due to UVa's All-American Malcolm Brogdon shooting the lights out and carrying the Hoos. Brogdon had 17 of UVa's 38 points in the first half. He was able to score so much due to shooting 6-8 from the field including 2-2 behind the arc and 2-2 from the FT line.

That should seem like old hat for most UVa fans, but the last couple games Brogdon did not receive much help. In the first half, that help came from Devon Hall who was 2-2 beyond the arc and came down with 3 rebounds in the first half.

In the second half, the entire team came to play to put the Tar Heels away. Anthony Gill lead the way with 11 in the second half by being a monster on the offensive glass pulling down three rebounds on the offensive side. Brogdon obviously got his, but Devon Hall once again stepped up and hit the free throws down the stretch to fully put the game out of reach for North Carolina.

Even though UNC was able to keep it close, and even tie UVa at a few points in the second half, Coach Bennett's team was able to lock down the boards and force tough shots, just what UVa fans have come to expect from this program.

In the battle for the ACC Player of the Year, it appears Malcolm Brogdon might have cemented his place at the front of the class. Brogdon had 26 points and lead his team to a victory, while the other favorite, UNC's Brice Johnson only had 12 points and 7 rebounds.

The win also keeps UVa just a game out of first place behind UNC and Miami and helps the Hoos' chances at landing a top 4 seed in the ACC Tournament.

Oh yea, the win also means this little nugget: