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2016 NCAA Tournament: STL Bracketology Selection Sunday Edition

Despite the Hoos' loss to the Tar Heels, the Cavaliers still did enough to earn a number one seed in this edition of STL bracketology. Let's see how the rest of the bracket shook out.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For our third installment of STL bracketology, the bracket has come into focus quite a bit. While there are still some games to be played, I don't really see any major changes to this as far as the teams are concerned. There may be some changes to the last four in, but that is to be expected. Now on to the bracket.

Midwest Regional

Seed Team (overall rank)
1 Kansas (1)
16 Fairleigh Dickinson / Holy Cross
8 Dayton
5 Indiana
12 Iona
13 Northern Iowa
4 Seton Hall
3 Miami
14 Chattanooga
11 St. Mary's
6 California
7 Texas Tech
10 Providence
15 Weber State
2 Michigan State

East Regional

Seed Team (overall rank)
1 UVA (2)
16 Southern / Hampton
9 Cincinnatti
8 Oregon State
5 Iowa State
12 Stephen F. Austin
13 UNC Wilmington
4 Purdue
3 Utah
14 Cal St Bakersfield
11 Virginia Commonwealth
6 Baylor
7 Notre Dame
10 Arkansas-Little Rock
15 UNC Asheville
2 Villanova

South Regional

Seed Team (overall rank)
1 UNC (3)
16 Florida Gulf Coast
9 Colorado
8 Wisconsin
5 Texas
12 Yale
13 South Dakota State
4 Kentucky
3 Xavier
14 Fresno State
11 Wichita State / Syracuse
6 Iowa
7 Gonzaga
10 Pittsburgh
15 Middle Tennessee
2 Oklahoma

West Regional

Seed Team (overall rank)
1 Oregon (4)
16 Austin Peay
9 Michigan
8 St Joes
5 Maryland
12 Stephen F. Austin
13 Stony Brook
4 Duke
3 Texas A&M
14 Green Bay
11 South Carolina / Temple
6 Arizona
7 Connecticut
10 Butler
15 Buffalo
2 West Virginia

Last Four In: Wichita State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Temple

First Four Out: Tulsa, San Diego State, Monmouth, Vanderbilt

This represents the results of my statistical look at teams' resumes. I have no idea what the committee will do, and wouldn't be surprised if Virginia went to the two line. If that happens, then we can be certain that this committee was heavily influenced by the conference tournaments. However, this model treats a neutral game against UNC in March the same way it treated a neutral game against West Virginia in December. I did give a bump to teams who won their conference tournaments (and gave a bump to MSU assuming they win theirs). These were still the results. After examining things closely, only Kansas can trump Virginia's resume on paper.

Do you agree? Leave a comment. Just know none of it matters after about 6 p.m. Sunday night.