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NCAA Tournament Bracketology Roundup: One last look before the Selection Sunday Show

The experts are decidedly split on whether Virginia is a No. 1 seed.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With about an hour left until the Selection Sunday show kicks off, we're taking one last look around the internet to see what the experts are predicting for Virginia.

The conclusion? Everyone's split.

The Big Ten tournament is still ongoing, though Michigan State holds a commanding lead over Purdue at the time of publish on this article, which means that some of these sites might be releasing one more final pre-show projection. A Michigan State title will make it more challenging for Virginia to secure a one seed, but here are what the experts are saying right now. Where Virginia was projected as a two seed, we've included an asterisk (*) to indicate which top seed Virginia is paired with.

Site Region Seed No. 1 Seeds
Streaking the Lawn East 1 Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon
SB Nation East 1 Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State
ESPN South 1 Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State
CBS South 2 Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan State*
Fox Sports East 1 Kansas, Oregon, Michigan State
Sports Illustrated East 2 Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan State*
SportingNews - - 2 Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan State
Washington Post West 2 Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon*, Michigan State
Yahoo! - - 2 Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Oregon

Among this group, Kansas is the only unanimous No. 1 seed, though everyone other than Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel believes that North Carolina will be a No. 1 seed as well. Michigan State is a projected No. 1 seed by all the sites other than our own (we relied on a combination of metrics to compute our projections).

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn as we keep you up to date when the seeds get announced.