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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Twitter Reacts

Hoos are the one-seed in the...Midwest? That and more as Twitter reacts to the 2016 NCAA Bracket.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket was announced Sunday evening, and Twitter was all abuzz.

The number one-seeds were announced first, and that came with the first surprise of the day.

The Hoos were stoked of course.

Michigan State was among those considered for the fourth one-seed, but North Carolina, Kansas, Oregon...and VIRGINIA took the four top spots. Virginia fans had an inkling where Michigan State would end up, however.

Not many folks were fans of all the changes CBS made to the Selection Show, especially as Charles Barkley struggled with, well, everything.

Maybe due to the reveal show taking longer than Virginia to execute their offense (am I doing that right?), a bracket leaked early, confirming Michigan State in Virginia's bracket for the third time in as many years.

Virginia will take on the Hampton Pirates on St. Patrick's Day in Raleigh.

After all the deliberation, we know the path Virginia has to take to hoist the trophy in Houston in April. Let's do it, Hoos.

What is your reaction to the bracket? Leave comments below. Let's go Hoos!