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NCAA Tournament: Team Reaction Video

The team and Coach Bennett react to their selection.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Sports TV got great video of the Cavaliers celebrating their selection as the top seed in the Midwest Sunday evening.

The team gathered together at Sedona Taphouse to watch CBS's bracket reveal, donning their new "Virginia vs All" bench tees (get yours here!). Smiles, laughs, and cheers erupted, and Coach Tony Bennett talked about his take on the seeding.

Coach Bennett shared a great sentiment from Mike Tobey regarding the difference between his first year and fourth year.

"Well my first year we were just looking at the bubble talk hoping we'd get in, now my last year we're wondering are we going to be a one seed or a two seed."

We're with you, Mike. Stay with us for all your NCAA March Madness needs!