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NCAA Tournament Preview: Mark Titus projects Virginia as a Final Four Team…also the Bachelor

The Streaking the Lawn podcast is back with some NCAA Tournament talk - featuring sportsblogger/writer/twitter expert/bench player hero Mark Titus!

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

To Homer & Back returns, featuring special guest: Mark Titus!!!

Fans may know him from his recent time on Sportscenter, his work on Grantland, or his excellent and hilarious book. If you're not following him on twitter (@clubtrillion), you're doing twitter wrong.

Mark joins Pierce, Caroline, and Matt to talk about the NCAA Tournament bracket, UVa's outlook, they're all fans of the Bachelor. (#TeamJojo). How much are UVa fans hedging their bets with their expectations? The gang chats about a few different ways to look at it, lays out their Final Four picks, and talks about the potential Michigan State matchup.

Got some other thoughts on UVa's tournament expectations? What would you consider a successful tournament run? Would it be better to lose to Michigan State in the Elite Eight game - or to get upset by a lower seed in the same round? How happy are you that the Bachelorette is not Caila?

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