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Virginia celebrities reveal their brackets to Streaking the Lawn

Brackets provided by some of Virginia's finest.

With only a few more hours to go before brackets lock, if you haven't made your guesses by now, you're probably not going to get any more research done in time. That's why we reached out to nine UVA celebrities to get their bracket picks. The folks represented here are impressive -- they include current professional players, a World Cup champion, a US Olympic gold medalist, a three-time Pro Bowler, the executive director of the NFLPA, and a current dean.

Not a single one of them picked Michigan State to beat Virginia.

We polled Alecko Eskandarian, Sean Doolittle, Luke Bowanko, Tiki Barber, Matt McLean, Dean Allen Groves, Akil Mitchell, DeMaurice Smith, and Morgan Brian for their picks for the Elite Eight and beyond. Here's what their picks look like:

Alecko boldly went with sixth seed Seton Hall to advance the the Elite Eight. This would avoid Virginia/Michigan State Pt. III. Notably, UNC is left out of the East region and Alecko opted for Kentucky to face Virginia in the Semifinals.

More love for Seton Hall! Sean also chose the popular Kansas-Virginia final matchup that would undoubtedly be one for the ages.

Baylor in the Elite Eight? I had them being upset by Yale in the First Round . . . maybe I should rethink that.

Tiki to Luke: "I see your five-seed Baylor and raise you a nine-seed Cincinnati."

No surprises with Matt's bracket: he's got all #1 vs. #2 in each region.

Dean Groves may hold the record for most high-fives by an individual in one hour but can he fill out a good bracket?

Akil must like two seeds versus five seeds.

Virginia gets to beat Michigan State . . . then Maryland??? Oh how satisfying that would be.

Morgan has already won a World Cup so I wouldn't put it past her to fill out a correct bracket.