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NCAA Tournament Predictions: For Joe Harris, this could be Virginia's year

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

For Joe Harris, the senior-led Virginia Cavaliers could win it all. Harris, who has a blog with the National Basketball Players Association, wrote a great piece (it honestly didn't matter what he said; Virginia fans will love it) on the Hoos, and how "the brand of basketball that they play - grind-it-out, tough, meticulous, defensive-oriented - is perfect for the tournament."

This Could Be UVA's Year

Give it a read. As Tim pointed out when we were chatting about it, here's probably the craziest statement:

For someone like London Perrantes, who’s been on a 1 or 2 seed team for all three of his years at UVA, he’s really got experience on his side.

His entire career. He only knows what a 1 or 2 seed team feels like. Think about that.