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2016 NCAA Tournament: Virginia achieves Pack Line Pledge with 81-45 final score over Hampton

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's the post season and the Hoos are here for business this year.

In the most comfortable NCAA Tournament win in years, the Virginia Cavaliers held the Hampton Pirates under 50 on Thursday afternoon, coming away with an 81-45 win. With the big win, another #PackLinePledge payment has been triggered!

This is only the sixth Pack Line Pledge game of the year for those of you who are sticking with the original pledge of making a donation to the One Love Foundation every time Virginia holds its opponents to under 50. For those who, to compensate for the shot clock and new foul rules, bumped the threshold to holding opponents to under 55, this is actually your 13th payment trigger.

Last year, many decided that, during the postseason, any Pack Line Pledge games would count as double. Again, we won't make that a requirement, but that's up to you! Remember that to be eligible for prizes, you'll have to have completed all of your Pack Line Pledge payments by the end of the season.

Here's your full list of Pack Line Pledgers.

82 Wahoo $10.00
AMS $5.00
Anks89 $5.00
Ann Marie $10.00
AshleighEE $10.00
Billyboyluck $5.00
Brendan and Laura Kerr $20.00
Brendan Davies $10.00
Brian Leung $20.00
Brian S $3.00
Brian Wohlert $10.00
cavfan108 $3.00
Cavsskins919 $10.00
Chris Williams $3.00
cuvahoya $15.00
Daanth930 $5.00
Dana Marie Buchanan $10.00
danhodes $9.00
Dave & Dawn Snow $20.00
davidwoods $5.00
DDS CLAS85 $10.00
dgcesq $10.00
ezsweezy $10.00
Greg Jarit $10.00
HCH $5.00
Hot Rod $5.00
jjc129 $20.00
Joe $10.00
jrh2my $5.00
jsdunn11 $5.00
JWahooJ $5.00
Kevin $5.00
knm79 $1.00
Lauren Parker $5.00
Lucy & Jacque $10.00
Mark Tinsman $10.00
Matthew Foy $2.00
Max $10.00
MBaker $50.00
Mom2KidsDog $5.00
MrsCav $5.00
N_Gorski $10.00
OutOfStateHoo $5.00
Paul Wiley $10.00
Rangledrab $13.00
rcahearn $10.00
Robbie $10.00
Ryan Bulaclac $25.00
Ryan Reese $5.00
S. C. James $5.00
Sbhagy $2.00
Sean $5.00
Shannon $10.00
Sherri N $10.00
Socalwahoo $25.00
Taylor-17 $5.00
The Kerr Family $20.00
The Milvaney Family $25.00
The Sports Gal Pal $10.00
The_Superhoo $10.00
Tiki $20.00
uvabarb1 $20.00
UVaKareBear $10.00
WA-JEW-WA $15.00
Will Campbell $2.00
wmquorg9 $25.00