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2016 NCAA Tournament Montage: This video captures the buzzer beaters, heartbreaks, and greatest moments of the first weekend

Relive the greatest moments of the first weekend in this four-minute tear jerker video.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's not the Super Bowl. It's not the College Football Playoffs. It's not the Kentucky Derby. No, the title of the single greatest sport event of the year belongs to none other than March Madness, and the 2016 NCAA Tournament has lived up to its hype so far.

The buzzer beaters. The heartbreakers. The Cinderellas and giant killers. The overachievers. The underachievers. The wins and losses are fun to follow, but it's the people and the moments that make this such a great month.

The NCAA did an outstanding job pulling together four minutes' worth of the greatest moments we've had so far. And the best part? That's only after the first weekend. Give it a view and make sure your allergies are in check.