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2016 NCAA Sweet Sixteen: Sponsored Post Opportunities for Presidential Candidates

"How will Virginia win? We'll tell you how Virginia will win. It's going to be fantastic." -- Guess who?

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It's not cheap to keep this website running. Server costs are increasing. We want to increase our annual charitable giving. The editorial staff is always clamoring for more pay / any pay.

Keeping in line with what other sites are doing, we've decided to reach out to get our postseason articles sponsored. We heard that there are a ton of political dollars out there to be spent during this election cycle, and we started to think. Of our current and past presidents, as well as this year's presidential candidates, who might be willing to sponsor or pay to write a post? We decided: all of them.

We're excited to pitch the following article headline ideas to the candidates below. Have additional ideas? Leave them in the comments and keep it civil -- this is a sports site, not a politics site. Just enjoy the funnies.

"To beat Iowa State, Virginia must build a wall around Georges Niang and make him pay for it." -- Sponsored by Donald Trump
"Virginia may not excite anyone but they keep picking up wins." -- Sponsored by Hillary Clinton
"How Virginia's style of play puts you to sleep." -- Sponsored by Dr. Ben Carson
"If you like rooting for UVA, you can keep rooting for UVA. Period." -- Sponsored by Barack Obama
"Grayson Allen deserves your vote for National Player of the Year." -- Sponsored by Ted Cruz
"Virginia should allow Malcolm Brogdon to play for Iowa State tomorrow." -- Sponsored by Bernie Sanders
"Don't forget about the bench." -- Sponsored by John Kasich
"I've always been a big UVA fan, but also UNC and Kansas" -- Sponsored by Chris Christie
"Thirty Seconds of Glory: The Caid Kirven story." -- Sponsored by Martin O'Malley
"Russia and other places you can see from Chicago." -- Sponsored by Sarah Palin
"We may not beat Iowa State, but I guarantee we could beat Florida." -- Sponsored by Marco Rubio
"Why Boston College could still win it all in Houston." -- Sponsored by Jim Gilmore
"Go Orange." -- Sponsored by John Boehner
"Inevitable: Michigan State and the 2016 NCAA Tournament." -- Sponsored by Jeb Bush
"The bracket I would have entered would totally have won." -- by Michael Bloomberg
"I invented the Pack Line." -- by Al Gore
"47% of experts were going to go with Michigan State either way." -- by Mitt Romney
"Delaware was the biggest snub." -- Sponsored by Joe Biden
"Mission Accomplished: Northern Iowa's Sweet 16 berth." -- Sponsored by George W. Bush
"Brogdon. Gill. Perrantes. The nation's greatest threesome." -- Sponsored by Frank Underwood