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NCAA Tournament: Virginia players react to reaching the Elite 8

For the first time since 1995, Virginia is Elite.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

This year's Virginia Cavaliers team has already accomplished something that no other UVA basketball team in its generation has done -- the Hoos are headed to the Elite 8 to face Syracuse.

After dispatching Iowa State in the Sweet 16 on Friday night, all eyes turned to the Gonzaga - Syracuse game, a back-and-forth contest that resulted in the Orange on top.

After Friday night's game, the players spoke with Campus Insider about reaching the Elite 8, what it's taken, what they're looking forward to and what's next. Here are videos from Isaiah Wilkins, Anthony Gill, Devon Hall and Malcolm Brogdon. The recurring theme? Mike Tobey is balling out.

Isaiah Wilkins

Anthony Gill

Devon Hall

Malcolm Brogdon