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NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen: Virginia's Mike Tobey is not playing around

Against Iowa State, Virginia's Mike Tobey put up 18 points and seven rebounds for the victorious Cavaliers, behind only Anthony Gill's 23 points and eight rebounds. Since senior night against Louisville when Tobey put up 15 points and a whopping 20 -- 20! -- rebounds, he's been unstoppable.

"He's playing like a starting big man on any team in the country. As long as he plays like that, we're on a different level team," says teammate Malcolm Brogdon in a post-game interview.

Here's the catch though -- Tobey isn't even a starting big man on this team, and that's what makes him so special. Virginia fans love to give Mike Tobey a hard time, because all eyes are on him on just about every possession as the big man under the basket. But truth be told, Tobey's skill set would allow him to be a starter on most teams' rosters, and the fact that he contributes as much as he does coming off the bench is a testament to his team mentality.

Watch the video by clicking above.