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NCAA Tournament Post-Game: Now, Virginia can stop and smell the roses

Malcolm Brogdon and Anthony Gill aren't going to let this one loss overshadow everything they, and this program, has accomplished.

The body language said it all when Virginia head coach Tony Bennett and seniors Malcolm Brogdon, Anthony Gill, and Mike Tobey took the stage for the post-game press conference following the 68-62 loss to Syracuse in the Elite 8.

When asked about whether the players were able to process just how much they had accomplished for the program, Brogdon responded, "It is difficult, but at the same time, you start to reminisce. You start to remember all the good times that you've had, and you start to realize how special these guys [are] sitting next to you ... how much your coaches mean to you, how much you've learned from them, and just how much you've enjoyed your experience and your college career."

"Being so close to something you've wanted for so long, that's the biggest shock," Anthony Gill said. He added, "we've done so many great things here. We're not going to hold our head over this one loss that we had. Of course you want to go further, because it's just right there. But we've done so much great [things] for this University, and this University has done so much great things for us as well."

"Sometimes we get caught up so much in playing the game," Brogdon said, "and trying to win every game and being so focused - I'm a very locked-in guy - rather than just smelling the roses. Now we can smell the roses. We can enjoy what we've established."

Watch the full press conference below, if your stomachs can handle it: