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Guy puts on a show at McDonald's All American Games

Virginia signee crushes at all-star event in Chicago.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia's first "Burger Boy" since 2008 put on a fantastic show at the Chicago Theater as he more than held his own in the all-star festivities.

Kyle Guy came in second in the three point competition with 19 points. Malik Monk, who is committed to Kentucky, finished in first place with 21 points. Guy looked silky smooth, though.

Next up, was the dunk competition. Monk and Guy were the only two competitors participating in both events. Guy went last in the first round of the competition, and it really was saving the best for last. First up, he did a dunk called the "Vanilla Thunder", as voted on by Twitter. He missed the first attempt, but connected on the second, completing a one-handed windmill off of a set up off the side of the backboard.

Twitter approved.

If that was good, his second was better. Guy enlisted the help of two of the female all-stars, also from his hometown of Indianapolis, on a dunk called the "317" after the Indy area code. It. Was. Impressive.

He qualified for the finals with the highest overall score, edging out Frank Jackson (Duke commit). In the finals, Guy opened up with an impressive hand-switch dunk, but it didn't sink in right away. After the judges saw the replay, and with some cajoling, Guy got a little boost.

He won some fans over in the process, too.

Both Jackson and Guy earned 61's on their first dunk of the final round. Jackson had an impressive final dunk, earning a perfect 70 point score, putting the pressure on Virginia's commit.

Guy shot for the stars as he sent a teammate up to the balcony for the prep pass, but wasn't able to complete the dunk in the allotted time. All in all, it was an impressive showing from the incoming first year.

The McDonald's All American Game will take place Wednesday evening and will be televised on ESPN2 at 9pm ET.

As an incoming Hoo is impressing on national television, a Wahoo legend is impressing in the big leagues as Justin Anderson got the start tonight for the Dallas Mavericks.

Maybe things aren't so bad.