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ACC Tournament 2016: UVA Tournament Bingo!

Play along with us as the Hoos take the court Thursday.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the greatest conference begins the five-day journey to crown their NCAA tournament automatic qualifier as the ACC tournament kicks off in beautiful Washington, DC.

Virginia - the two seed - doesn't play until 7pm Thursday night, but to enrich your viewing experience, we've put together a Bingo card to keep up with all your favorite players and moments.

Did you know Isaiah's step father is Dominique Wilkins? You will by about 7:10 on Thursday!

Have you ever heard that Darius Thompson's dad is a basketball coach? Soon. Soon.

Some will be easy (Brogdon yawn, NOLTEFACE), but hopefully we will see some more Caid playing time and be uncomfortable when Tim Brando tells us how his wife thinks Tony Bennett is the handsomest coach in the land.

If you catch one of the spaces, tweet at @theUVAFool or drop it in the comments below. Screen shots and videos are encouraged!

Thank you to our very own Alex Cheung for putting together the beautiful graphic!

Stay with Streaking the Lawn for all of your ACC tournament and NCAA tournament coverage. GO HOOS!