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To Homer and Back - 3/9/16 - ACC Tournament Preview

Streaking the Lawn's official podcast: To Homer and Back. This week, STL bloggers Pierce, Caroline, Matt, and Paul discuss the end of UVa's regular season and look towards the ACC Tournament.

To Homer and Back is...back! This week, Pierce and the other STL bloggers discuss their impressions of the regular season finale and what they expect to see in this week's ACC Tournament in DC. Has Mike Tobey arrived to wreck shop in his final post season? How in the world was Louisville ranked #11? Is London sad all his buddies are graduating?

The crew chats about what ACC teams could make a surprise run, who they expect to play UVa in the tournament championship, and which of the potential opponents for UVa makes them the most nervous.

Got some different impressions from the Louisville game? Wish we really talked about curling this episode? Which potential conference opponent are you most nervous about? Leave us some comments below!

Stay tuned next week for another episode of To Homer and Back, where we'll preview the NCAA tournament - potentially with a special guest contributor...