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ACC Tournament Day 2: Cheering Guide and Games Thread

After yesterday's Wake Forest and Boston College losses, who should UVa fans be cheering for in Wednesday's games?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was not a great day for those cheering strictly for the lolz, unless you count the end-game management between Wake and NC State. In the end, though, we didn't get to see Mark Gottfried lose embarrassingly or Boston College get their first conference win. We did, however, get to see the awkward Top Gun kid from State light it up.

As far as the other schools of thought for approaching tournament cheering,  the winner of one of today's games will play UVa tomorrow night, while the other winners will have a chance to knock off a stronger team - so it becomes a little more prudent to cheer for upsets. Let's take a look at each game:

Game 1: #8 Pitt vs. # 9 Syracuse (Noon, ESPN/ACC Network)

Two Big East teams face off in the opening game today - the winner will play UNC. Jamie Dixon is 13-6 during his career against Syracuse! Weird! Can either of these teams beat UNC? Certainly - but I think it's more likely Syracuse. Verdict: Cheer for Cuse.

Game 2: #12 NC State vs. #5 Duke (2:00pm, ESPN/ACC Network)

Today's second game is a classic tobacco road rivalry game. Can Maverick whatshisface go for 20+ again? (doubtful).  Is Cat Barber hurt? (yes). Is there any reason to root for Duke here? (No.) Verdict: Cheer for State.

Game 3: #7 Clemson vs. #10 Georgia Tech (7:00pm, ESPN2/ACC Network)

Clemson/GT is such a classic first day of the tournament bottom feeder game that I grew up watching while I waited patiently for UVa's disappointing ACCT exit every year...but neither team is really all that bad this season! Blossomgame is one of the best players in the conference, so I bed the Tigers pull it out. However, the winner plays the Hoos and I'd rather not play him again so...Verdict: Cheer for GT.

Game 4: #11 FSU vs. #6 Virginia Tech (9:00pm, ESPN2/ACC Network)

The winner of tonight's final game will play Miami for the chance to face (hopefully) the Hoos in the semifinals. Of the three teams, which would UVa most want to face? This is a pretty tough call actually, but we've had good success against FSU in the tournament recently...and they'll have played three games in a row if it comes to that. Verdict: Cheer for FSU.

Disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the game thread below!