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Virginia football recruiting: Three things to know about the newest Cavalier, QB Lindell Stone

Getting to know the newly committed gunslinger from Woodberry Forest

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Late yesterday afternoon, news broke that Bronco Mendenhall and his staff had landed a major addition to UVA's recruiting class of 2017, with Woodberry Forest quarterback Lindell Stone pledging to play in Charlottesville. The commitment was the second in four days, after offensive lineman Tyler Fannin threw his chips in with the Hoos on Friday.

Here are three things to know about Lindell Stone

He's been turning heads as a recruit

Stone was a participant at the D.C. regional camp for The Opening, the series of camps through which recruits can work their way into national prominence. Just this past weekend, this was the evaluation from SB Nation's own recruiting experts:

A few Virginia 2017 prospects are worth keeping an eye on, too. Three-star Lindell Stone looks boyishly young and doesn't have a Power 5 build yet, but he's astonishingly athletic for a small pro-style passer. He made just about all all the throws, and he even made a jumping, one-handed catch off to the side of a drill that channeled Odell Beckham Jr.

While 247Sports and others have rated Stone as a pro-style QB, there's one heck of an athlete inside Stone's 6'2, 205-pound frame.

He's been turning heads as a recruit—for a WHILE

Stone grew up in Texas, in the Dallas area. Football in the Southlake/Highland Park areas, especially for quarterbacks, starts early. It's been the region that's produced guys like Matt Stafford, Chase Daniel, and Greg McElroy. Stone was forged in the same crucible of competition and under the same glaring spotlight. When Stone enrolled at Woodberry Forest instead of Highland Park, it drew headlines in the local sports pages since UCLA had extended an offer to him as an eighth grader.

In fact, here's tape of Stone in action—as a SEVENTH GRADER.

He's one tough cookie

At the end of his sophomore season, Stone broke his collarbone. For a college-hopeful QB, that type of injury can derail all their plans. Whether the break is on the throwing side or not, the torque generated by a college-caliber throwing motion puts enormous stress on the entire upper body. If there's even a hint of lingering pain, it can be enough to throw off mechanics for years to come.

But Stone responded like a champ. His junior year (this past season), he was named VISAA Division I first-team All-State. He was named USA TODAY first-team All-Virginia. He led Woodberry to an 8-2-1 finish, throwing for over 3,000 yards. The coaches at UVA have emphasized getting players who are "smart, talented, and tough." Lindell Stone meets all three.