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NFL free agency news: Jets tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson retires at 32

Stunning decision ends Ferguson's career after only 10 years in the league

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The string of early NFL retirements continued with a big name this morning: former UVA great D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

There was some speculation that the move could be related to concussion concerns. Ferguson wrote in Sports Illustrated that he felt "betrayed" by the medical community associated with the NFL:

I feel a bit betrayed by the people or committees put in place by the league who did not have my best interests at heart.

Dr. Elliot Pellman was one of the Jets' team doctors when I was a rookie in 2006, and to learn that he was a part of the group that tried to discredit the scope and impact of brain injuries among players within the league is disheartening.

When you've actually competed against a player who was later found to have CTE, it is unsettling. I played against Junior Seau when he was on the New England Patriots several times and never imagined that he would have ultimately succumbed to brain injury.

When I initially heard about 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, who decided to retire after one professional season for the risk of brain injury, I thought perhaps he was acting very abruptly, but now I cannot fault him. If we know the risks, then why do we still play?

He ends his career having started every one of the 160 games in his 10 years with the Jets.