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ACC Baseball Preview and Projections: Miami will be a national seed, but who else could join them?

Could the ACC get three or four national seeds? Where does Virginia stand in all this?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With two weeks left in the ACC regular season, the picture for the ACC Tournament in Durham is getting more clear. We take a look at how each team is looking right now and what we think they could do down the stretch.

1. Miami Hurricanes (32-13, 16-6) - #1 Coastal
RPI: 3
Remaining Opponents: Pitt and @FSU

The Hurricanes have all but wrapped up a national seed and the Coastal division, which secures them a top 2 seed in Durham. All that is left to figure out is whether or not the U can clinch another ACC regular season title, which they did in 2014.
Projection: 20-8, 1 Seed

2. Florida State Seminoles (32-13, 14-6) - #1 Atlantic
RPI: 8
Remaining Opponents: @Duke and Miami

The Seminoles have had yet another solid season and will extend their NCAA Tournament appearance streak to 39 straight years(!). They'll certainly be a host, but with a solid showing down the stretch they could be a national seed. The Seminoles problem in the ACC is they'll have a harder schedule the next two weekends than Louisville will.
Projection: 18-10, 3 seed

3. Louisville Cardinals (38-10, 16-8) - #2 Atlantic
RPI: 2
Remaining Opponents: NC State and @Wake

Like Miami, Louisville has wrapped up a national seed yet again. They have a difficult opponent this weekend, but the Cardinals have only lost one ACC game at home all season (to UVa and Connor Jones). Wake is certainly no pushover, and Louisville has struggled on the road, but they are still one of the top teams in the country and have a chance at the #1 seed.
Projection: 20-10, 2 seed

4. NC State Wolfpack (32-14, 13-9) - #3 Atlantic
RPI: 6
Remaining Opponents: @Louisville and UNC

With a high RPI and an impressive ACC record the Wolfpack could make a run at a national seed, but two difficult opponents could bump them back to just hosting for the first time since 2013. No matter what, NC State will be in their 2nd straight NCAA Tournament.
Projection: 16-12, 5 seed

5. Virginia Cavaliers (31-17, 14-10) - #2 Coastal
RPI: 15
Remaining Opponents: GT and VT

Things have certainly turned around for the Cavaliers. There was a time when UVa was projected to not even make the NCAA tournament. Three straight ACC series wins, including two on the road and one at Miami, have UVa not only safely in the tournament, but projected to host another regional.
Projection: 18-12, 4 seed

6. Clemson Tigers (31-16, 13-14) - #4 Atlantic
RPI: 9
Remaining Opponent: @Notre Dame

Two weeks ago the Tigers were 9-12 in the ACC and fading fast after losing series to Duke, Louisville, and Georgia Tech in consecutive weekends. Fortunately for Clemson, they've rebounded nicely with series victories over Florida State and NC State. Their impressive RPI has kept them in the hosting mix, but an under .500 ACC record could be held against them if they don't sweep the Irish in two weeks.
Projection: 15-15, 7 seed

7. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (32-16, 11-12) - #3 Coastal
RPI: 16
Remaining Opponents: @UVa and BC
The Jackets should be safely in the NCAA tournament yet again, but they've only been able to take care of the lesser ACC teams on their schedule. If they want to host a regional in Atlanta they'll have to at least win their last two series.
Projection: 15-14, 6 seed

8. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (29-19, 11-13) -€” #5 Atlantic
RPI: 29
Remaining Opponents: @VT and Louisville
Wake hasn't been to the NCAA tournament since 2009, but could make the ACC tournament again after missing it last year. If they can win their series against VT and steal a game from Louisville, they could be playing in a regional given their good RPI.
Projection: 13-17, 8 seed

9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (26-20, 10-12) - #6 Atlantic
RPI: 72
Remaining Opponents: @UNC and Clemson
If Notre Dame wants any chance of making the NCAA Tournament they'll have to win both series to improve their abysmal RPI. They're in the ACC tournament right now, but if they can't win at least one of their series they're tempting fate.
Projection: 12-16, 10 seed

10. Boston College Eagles (27-18, 11-14) - #7 Atlantic
RPI: 44
Remaining Opponent: @GT
If the Tournament were held today, BC would make their first ACC Tournament since 2011. They've played surprisingly well in ACC play by winning series against UVa, Louisville, and NC State, but ending the year on the road against a GT team playing for an NCAA tournament berth could be difficult.
Projection: 11-17, OUT

11. Pittsburgh Panthers (25-19, 10-13) - #4 Coastal
RPI: 49
Remaining Opponents: @Miami and Duke
Pitt wants to see what Durham is all about. They could challenge for one of the final spots if they can steal a game from Miami and win their series against Duke. If that doesn't happen, it won't be looking good for the Panthers.
Projection: 12-17, OUT

12. North Carolina Tar Heels (31-17, 10-14) - #5 Coastal
RPI: 13
Remaining Opponents: Notre Dame and @NC St
The Tar Heels have an abysmal ACC record but an impressive RPI thanks to beating UCLA and Oklahoma St to start the season. A midweek win over South Carolina doesn't hurt either. UNC will likely be in the NCAA tournament if they can get to the ACC Tournament and could challenge for a regional if they can win out.
Projection: 13-17, 9 seed

13. Duke Blue Devils (28-20, 10-14) - #6 Coastal
RPI: 38
Remaining Opponents: FSU and @Pitt
Duke is fighting for an NCAA Tournament berth to go along with appearing in Durham. Both could happen with a strong finish. Neither will happen if they don't win either series.
Projection: 12-18, OUT

14. Virginia Tech Hokies (18-31, 5-19) - #7 Coastal
RPI: 193 (how?)
Remaining Opponents: Wake and @UVa
Projection: 7-23, OUT