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Virginia Football Preview: Countdown to Kickoff is On!

UVA Football is just 99 days away. Time to find out who this team is.

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

This is it. We're officially just 99 days away from kicking off the 2016 Virginia Cavaliers football season, which is sort of a gnarly thought given that Virginia men's tennis just won its third national championship this week, and both the men and women are competing for individual titles. Not to mention, the ACC Baseball Tournament hasn't even wrapped up yet.

Over the next 99 days, we'll take a look at the Virginia football roster, player by player, Wide receivers? We got em. Kickers? Yep. Starting quarterback? If you can tell us who that is, we'll do that too. But as we count down the days until it's time to start tailgating again, we'll look at the player whose jersey number corresponds to the number of days remaining.

You might look and say, "but wait, there are some days without players! And some days have two players with that jersey number!" Rest, relax, it will be okay. Some days you might not get a preview from us. Others you might get more than one. Either way, you'll be chock full of knowledge for each player come kickoff time.

Virginia fans are understandably tentatively excited for the start of the Bronco Mendenhall era. To date, it looks like he's done all the right things in terms of buying into the culture on Grounds, reaching out to in-state recruits, and rallying the fan base, but at the end of the day, it's the on-field product that matters.

There are just 99 days left until we get our first look of whether Mendenhall and company have what it takes to rebuild Virginia football.