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Virginia Baseball: NCAA To Announce Regional Hosts

Check in to see if Virginia gets their name called to host an NCAA Regional

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

With conference tournaments finishing and the NCAA Selection show just a day away, the NCAA will announce the 16 regional host sites via Twitter starting at 8:30 PM Sunday.

Despite finishing ACC Tournament pool play 1-2, look for Virginia to be one of the teams chosen to host a regional. We'll be projecting a full bracketology tomorrow, but these are the host sites we're tracking at the moment.

1. College Station

2. Coral Gables

3. Gainesville

4. Louisville

5. Starkville

6. Lubbock

7. Clemson

8. Oxford

Those eight round out the national seeds. The following should be the remaining host sites in no particular order (the committee only ranks the top eight, then geography plays a big part in matching up 9-16)

Charlottesville, Baton Rogue, Columbia, Tallahassee, Ft. Worth, Lafayette, Nashville, Tempe

Should Virginia be selected, Davenport Field will host for the ninth time since 2004.