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Countdown to UVa Football #80: Connor Atkins

80 days til UVa football! Let's take a look at RS FR longsnapper Connor Atkins.

Position: LS
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220
Year: Redshirt Freshman
Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Atkins comes to UVa from the Haverford School in Pennsylvania, which produced recent UVa long snapper Matt Fortin, where he played center and long snapper. He's a walk-on lineman specifically in the long snapper role for the Hoos and is second on the depth chart at the position. Ahead of him is junior Tyler Shirley, who's snapped on every punt and field goal attempt for the Hoos the past two seasons.

Because of Shirley's eligibility and experience, it may be a while before Atkins sees many meaningful snaps (if any) and there's little evidence to suggest how UVa's new staff will approach playing time distribution at the position. While it's no given that Atkins will see the field this season, he should be seen as the eventual heir apparent to the long snapper position for the Wahoos and should be the starter in his junior year. This season, he'll most likely be focusing on growing, practicing, and studying.

(Photo credit: Virginia Media Relations)