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Cville Regional: W&M Eliminates Bryant

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

With the best record in the country coming into the NCAA Tournament, many thought Bryant could challenge ECU and UVa for the regional.

But it appears that record might have been bolstered by some weak Northeastern opponents as the Bulldogs were eliminated by William and Mary to become the first team eliminated in the Charlottesville Regional. 

Nick Brown took the mound for the Tribe and did more than enough to keep William and Mary on top. Brown held Bryant to just two runs on three hits and three walks in seven innings.W&M's Robert White and Joseph Gaouette held Bryant to just a run over the final two innings securing the victory, and Gaouette's 10th save of the season.

After jumping out to a 3-0 lead in the third, both W&M and Bryant decided to put on a home run derby combining for three home runs from the fourth through the seventh innings. Fortunately for W&M, Bryant's two home runs were both solo home runs and the Tribe were able to put another run on the board to fend off the Bulldogs and win 4-3.

With the win, William and Mary stays alive in the Charlottesville Regional and will face the loser of tonight's ECU-UVa game. The win was also the Tribe's 5th straight elimination win after almost being eliminated four times in the Colonial Athletic Tournament last week.