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Malcolm Brogdon Pre-Draft Chatter Grows

Only a couple of weeks remain until the NBA Draft and UVa's Malcolm Brogdon continues to bring in accolades, visit teams, and climb up draft boards.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

As June 23rd's NBA draft draws closer, lets take a look around the internets at what Malcolm Brogdon's been up to:

Yesterday, Brogdon was named to USA Basketball's Men's Select Team as one of the top 25 players in (or soon to be in) the NBA selected to train with the national team in Las Vegas this July. The list includes NBA All-Star Rookies, players with US National team experience, and some of the best players coming out of college. Brogdon was one of only 5 incoming rookies selected to join the team.

The Denver Nuggets announced that Brogdon will be visiting them today. The Denver Post detailed how he would fit in with the team and how he could end up going in the first round.

The Pistons' site previewed Malcolm as a potential target for their second round pick. (Warning: UVa fans may experience unfortunate flashbacks from their first round pick in the article).

CBS Sports' Sam Vecenie included Malcolm in his list of potential second round steals who could be drafted later but outperform expectations.

Dakota Schmidt at SBNation wrote an extensive summation of why Brogdon could fit as a long-term role player in the NBA.

I tend to agree with any projections of Brogdon going to the Spurs with their late first round pick. Like this oneOr this one. Or this one.