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Virginia lacrosse coach Lars Tiffany, on program philosophy: “Expect Nothing, Earn Everything”

New head coach’s program motto in lockstep with football, basketball mantras

NCAA Lacrosse: Women's Championship - Maryland Terrapins vs. North Carolina Tar Heels Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The men’s lacrosse coaching staff in Charlottesville is now complete, with new head coach Lars Tiffany adding his top two assistants from Brown, including UVA alumnus Kip Turner. On Wednesday, Tiffany made clear to supporters of the program what the philosophy will be under his guidance.

In an email to “University of Virginia Men’s Lacrosse Alumni, Parents and Friends,” Tiffany introduced himself and his staff, and shed some light on developments in his first month on the job. When he described the mindset he plans to bring to the program, Tiffany used some phrasing Virginia fans have become familiar with from other coaches:

The mantra by which the past programs I’ve coached have been defined is: “Expect Nothing, Earn Everything.” The words “expect” and “expectations” will be used often when it comes to heightened awareness, relentless energy and the unwavering commitment we demand (and expect) of the men of Virginia Lacrosse. We will not expect to be given anything, whether a game result, a new helmet, or a spot on the roster. We will not allow an attitude of expectancy to prevail throughout the locker room or on the practice field. We will earn everything we achieve and acquire.

Somewhere, Bronco Mendenhall smiled as faint echoes of “Earned, not given,” reverberated through the McCue Center.

Tiffany acknowledged the legacy he inherits from former UVA head coach Dom Starsia, who was Tiffany’s head coach at Brown. Tiffany recognized Starsia as “a mentor and comrade” in both his playing and coaching careers.

The most powerful portion of Tiffany’s email was how it explained what the new coaches expect from their players, on and off the field.

You will read and hear me use the word “men” when I am referring to our current student-athletes. I demand that our men represent themselves in a manner that is honest and that they accept the responsibility of competing for Virginia Lacrosse. Boyish behavior will only provide interference as we strive to reach our potential. We will not be defined by boys. We will be defined by men – those who are willing to point inwards and be accountable for their actions and emotions, guided by a love of something bigger than themselves.

Tiffany closed with a brief overview of his transition schedule: recruiting on the camp circuit for the rest of the summer, and regional meet-and-greets with program alumni and parents.