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Countdown to Kickoff: #41 Connor Wingo-Reeves

Virginia’s lone fullback should see a role change this season.

  • Class: Senior
  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 225
  • Hometown: Midlothian, VA
  • Twitter: @CWingo_Reeves41

A lot has been written on how Virginia’s new offensive philosophy will affect the tight ends on the roster. But not nearly as much has been written on how it will affect UVA’s lone fullback: Connor Wingo-Reeves. The answer won’t be completely clear until the season starts, but it’s likely Wingo-Reeves will spend less time in a traditional blocking fullback role.

The offense employed by new Virginia offensive coordinator Robert Anae began incorporating an H back in 2013, and Wingo-Reeves could see some time there. H backs acts as a full back/tight end hybrids who line up in the backfield and often go into motion. These players split their duties between blocking and pass-catching. Wingo-Reeves only has 8 catches during his career, but he appeared to be growing into a reliable target before an injury sidelined him in 2015.

Wingo-Reeves might also see a bit of time running the football. Anae and Bronco Mendenhall have typically utilized a “big back” in their offenses, and Wingo-Reeves currently stands as the biggest back on the roster. He’d be competing with Albert Reid for snaps there.

Wingo-Reeves’ career has been relatively quiet during his first three seasons. His lone touchdown came last year agaisnt William and Mary (at the 0:57 mark in the video below). Like many Wahoos, he’s likely hoping for a rebirth under the new coaching staff.