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VIDEO: Inside UVA football practice, with running back Albert Reid

Senior running back narrates first full-pads practice

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Virginia football team is in camp for the rest of August. Early reports have indicated the tempo has been light years ahead of years past, and Coach Mendenhall has said he’s pleased that the team is ahead of where he expected them to be.

Today Virginia Sports TV brought us a glimpse inside the first full-pads practice of the season, with narration courtesy RB Albert Reid.

Some highlights:

  • Beautifully run option play at 0:54 gives Reid a crease for a long score.
  • Benkert has a much more compact throwing motion than Johns. See Benkert’s at 1:26, Johns’ at 1:42. There’s an extra circular motion in Johns’ windup. With a thin offensive line, if that adds half a second to his release time it could be the difference between first downs and sacks. On the only throw I could tell was Brewer (1:40), motion more like Benkert than Johns.
  • Coach Atuaia breaks things down with the running backs at the very end of the video. I heard what they said as “ACC champs,” with “ACC” pronounced “ack.” Unique choice, but I like where their goals are.

The Hoos start the season in three weeks against Richmond.