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Watch Kurt Benkert’s first press conference as Virginia’s starting quarterback

Kurt Benkert can throw over the mountains. Confirmed.

Virginia Media Relations

When ECU quarterback Kurt Benkert was looking at whether to transfer to Virginia, it wasn’t too hard of a decision. “Once I got into town, I realized that this is where I really wanted to be.” After preseason training and camp, the feeling is mutual for head coach Bronco Mendenhall, who announced today that Benkert would be the team’s starting quarterback.

“It’s an awkward thing, going through [a quarterback battle] with a bunch of upperclassmen,” Benkert told the media shortly after Mendenhall’s announcement. The coaching staff, though, handled the situation well as

When asked how Matt Johns handled the news, Benkert replied, “he’s been better than I could have ever asked for. He actually texted me today, ‘When do you want to break down Richmond film?’ He’s that kind of guy. You guys have seen him in the past few years. He’s like that in everything.”

No surprise there. Watch the video of his full press conference below. Watch out, Wahoo Nation. Benkert has promised that he’s going to throw an interception at some point this year.