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Virginia Football Depth Chart: Malcolm Cook is missing

The first week’s depth chart gives us our first concrete look at the position battles.

Malcolm Cook Virginia Media Relations

The Virginia football program released its Week 1 depth chart on Monday, and it came with a few surprises. The document was posted online by Andrew Ramspacher of the Daily Progress.

The main surprise is the absence of Malcolm Cook at outside linebacker. The junior had an impressive training camp and off-season and appeared to have one of the starting OLB spots locked down. According to Ramspacher, Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall referred to Cook as having a “medical situation.” There’s no word yet on how long Cook will be out.

Other interesting notes:

  • The offensive tackle battle between Jack English and Michael Mooney appears to remain unsettled. The depth chart has them listed as “OR” for the top spot.
  • Rather than list “halfback” and “fullback” positions, the depth chart has “speed back” (SB) and “big back” (BB).
  • Steven Wright appears to have edged out Eli Hanback for the top defensive end spot opposite Andrew Brown.
  • True freshman Jordan Mack appears at outside linebacker. Mack had been recruited as a defensive back. True freshman Bryce Hall appears at cornerback. Neither Mack nor Hall have earned their jersey numbers yet.
  • Tim Harris is listed as a second-string cornerback, likely a result of a shoulder injury he suffered during training camp.
  • The strong safety position is nicknamed “SABRE” on the depth chart. Kelvin Rainey leads the group there.
  • Neither Darrious Lattimore nor Kirk Garner are on the depth chart. Lattimore began fall camp under suspension for violating team rules. Garner, according to Mendenhall, has led the race for the nickel back position. His omission, while surprising, might just be a case of not fitting cleanly into either a safety or cornerback slot.

Update: Upon further examination, it appears that WR Andre Levrone and OG Sean Karl are also missing from the depth chart. Levrone reportedly injured his leg early in fall camp, but as of mid-August Mendenhall was optimistic about his return. No word has come out yet on Karl.

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn for more coverage of the UVA depth chart as the season progresses.